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Date Title


What's In A Name?


Who's Got The Time?


A Zamboni By Any Other Name


The Price is Right?


Who Ate My Paycheck?




Let's Bake Some Bread


Command and Control or Divide and Conquer?


ETFs: Excessive Trading Facilitators


Productivity Paradox


The Twinkie Conspiracy


Trump Card?
10/26/2016 The Theory of Relativity (non-Einstein version)
09/29/2016 Broken Record
08/31/2016 Anopheline the Great
07/21/2016 InflateGate
06/14/2016 Twelve Heads are Better than One
05/27/2016 Don't Cross the River (If You Can't Swim the Tide)
04/20/2016 Off A Cliff: The Mathematics of Rebounding
03/23/2016 To Serve Man
02/29/2016 King of Pain
01/25/2016 File Index Funds Under E (for Emotion)
12/23/2015 Carmageddon
11/30/2015 Goal Tending
10/21/2015 Risky Business
9/24/2015 Label Fable
8/28/2015 Lumpy
7/21/2015 Bad Company
6/26/2015 Priceless?
5/21/2015 Carrot or Stick
4/17/2015 Who Wants to be a Millionaire
3/26/2015 ETF: Exchange Traded Failure
2/13/2015 For Rent
1/23/2015 Mr. Market Meets Mercury
12/18/2014 Dogged Determination? Or Stubborn Stupidity?
11/19/2014 Watching the Paint Dry
10/22/2014 The Elevator
9/17/2014 The Water Poolice
8/25/2014 Pray for Rain
7/15/2014 All-Star Investing
6/17/2014 Win Place and Show
5/14/2014 Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Prosperity
4/17/2014 Take Me Out Of The Ballgame?
3/17/2014 Hit By BRICs
2/18/2014 All In The Family
1/15/2014 Nobody's Perfect
12/12/2013 Dance With The One Who Brung Ya?
11/21/2013 Bubble Trouble
10/11/2013 Heads or Tails
9/19/2013 Buy One Get One Free!
8/15/2013 Baby You Can't Drive My Car
7/11/2013 Unheard Of
6/29/2013 My Big Fat Greek (and Turkish) Vacation
5/9/2013 This Bud's For You?
4/29/2013 The Color Purple
3/14/2013 Potato Chips or Computer Chips?
2/13/2013 DELL-icious?