Pause: Autumn is in the Air

We love the chautumnanging of the seasons – especially summer to autumn – the slight crispness in the air, the leaves changing color, the mass proliferation of pumpkins and of course the return of football.

The transition from summer to autumn is also a great time to press the pause button and reflect on the beauty around us. Nature presents a dazzling spectacle this time of year, but how often do we notice? In our rush to get here and go there and achieve and accomplish when do we just pause and appreciate the complexity of a tree’s roots, the multitude of colors in the fallen leaves or the way a deeply-inhaled breath of fresh air is so invigorating.

Before winter’s grayness and shorter days set in, take a look around you. Go for a walk. Stare out the window. Rake up a few leaves. Relish the newness of the season before it is gone for another year.