(Almost) No News is Good News

Dave Hutchison, CFA |

Add this to the spoilsport list of things we’d advise you to do less of:  Read less (but not no) news.

Yes, a free press is essential to the successful operation of our country.

But it’s a good idea to cut back on news...without going cold turkey.  It’s literally addictive to check the news in a way similarly to the feeling of checking your email and texts…and has diminishing returns for your time beyond the big stories (so that someone can’t accuse you of being out of touch).

3 things you can do to get more out of what you read: consider the source (get your info from credible sources), seek out and understand the other point of view to better understand why you feel the way you do on a topic, and spend some of your news reading time reading “timeless” sources with a longer “half-life” than what happened in the stock market on Monday, classic books are a good example.