Today’s investment world is dominated by easy access to data and 24-hour financial news available everywhere from TV to the computer to the iPhone.

Less prevalent is perspective on the issues that really matter. Prioritizing financial goals. Determining what it will take to achieve them (both additional investment and investment return). Building a plan and sticking to it.

Since our start in 2008, Triad has focused on putting clients first. We seek to provide our clients with the structure to go through these steps based on their specific situation. And provide long-term perspective on their investment direction.

We work with clients from a variety of backgrounds, some of whom we have the privilege to have served even before Triad was founded. Relationships based upon mutual trust and respect are what we seek to build and maintain. Candid communication is critical to help keep short-term events from derailing your long-term goals and objectives.

What we do...and don’t do:


  • Serve as fiduciaries in our relationship with you. We are a registered investment adviser.
  • Communicate with you in plain English and do our best to truly listen to you.
  • Manage your assets with a focus on the long-term.

We don’t:

  • Focus on the daily ups and downs of markets and the economy.
  • Offer you a cookie-cutter solution.
  • Sell you things (e.g. life insurance, annuities, etc.).
  • Profit from trading activity via commissions. We charge a visible, transparent fee based on the assets we manage for you.