Investment Planning

Each person requires different things from the investment planning process. Here are a few of the steps we use to develop an understanding of your current financial status and a plan to achieve your financial goals.


  • Planning starts with sitting down together with you to better understand your beliefs and goals.
  • We view this as an ongoing process and ourselves as guides recommending course corrections as your goals change and as the financial world changes. Planning to us is not a one-time event.

“One Page” Plan

  • We strive to condense our understanding of you, your beliefs about money and your goals for your family into a summary document (which can be more than one page).
  • It also helps us identify and track “to-dos” for both of us.


  • Using the Asset-Map platform we create a map of your sources and uses of income, assets, liabilities across multiple generations.
  • It provides a way for all of us to better understand your financial position.