Pay 2 Times

Dave Hutchison, CFA |

An often-forgotten mental tendency, expressed nicely in the article below.  The dollar cost to buy something is step 1, which is quantifiable and pretty easy to do if you have the money.  Step 2 is investing your time into using it.  If you don’t do both steps you don’t get the benefit.  It could be a gym membership, a boat, anything.  Often today it can be a subscription of some variety.

In our current society, easy and not too expensive to complete step 1.  And in a money-focused society we often fixate just on that first step, forgetting the need to do both steps.

How to fix?  Similar to what I’ve read in Atomic Habits, there are bigger than you think at the time rewards for just showing up consistently and sticking with the “Step 2” activity past the moment when you feel like stopping.  And like all purchases, it doesn’t hurt to take a 24 hour pause to think about it first - before you make the commitment.